The Custom Process

We have been designing custom jewelry for over 50 years.  From designing custom engagement rings to magical object d'art we are passionate about listening to our clients needs and creating the most perfect piece possible.  Below are a few of the steps of the process that is part of the custom process.


We use both traditional and modern techniques to create the design you are looking for.  The traditional technique is hand rendering a design that shows you what the piece will look like.  We also use photoshop too.  Not sure want you want?  We get it;)  Email us or schedule a phone date and we will figure it out!

Finding the Perfect stones

For 50 years we have been working with he finest stone pureveorys and stone cutters.

If you are looking for a specific stone such a s a diamond we will get a selection of stones for you to choose from.     


We work with the best jewelry to make your creations.