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Leaf Collection

leaf earring yellow diamonds.jpg

18kt Gold, White Diamond and Yellow Diamond Leaf Earring

In Stock

aqua flower necklace.jpg

18kt White Gold, Aqua and Diamond Flower Necklace

Made to Order


18kt Gold and Diamond Flower Earrings (Small)

In Stock

Pink Tour flower Necklace.jpg

18kt Gold, Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Flower Necklace

In Stock

Aqua Drop Earrings copy.jpg

Platinum, Diamond and Aqua Briolette Earrings

In Stock

rose gold leaf ring2.jpg

18kt Rose Gold and Diamond Leaf Wedding Suite

Made to Order

mint tour ring front.jpg

Platinum, Mint Tourmaline and Diamond Pave Ring

In Stock


18kt Gold and Diamond Leaf Bands

Made to Order

Platinum and Diamond Solitaire Leaf Ring

Made to Order

beryl rosecut.jpg

18kt White Gold and Green Beryl Rosecut Earrings

In Stock

littel diamond band.jpg

18kt Gold and Micro Pave Diamond Band

Made to Order

pink sapphire fringe copy.jpg

18 Kt Gold and Pink Sapphire Briolette Necklace

In Stock

diamond brio necklace copy.jpg

18kt Gold and Diamond Briolette Necklace

In Stock

lav spinel.jpg

Platinum, Lavender Spinel and Diamond Earrings

In Stock

Pink Flower Earrings.jpg

18kt Gold, Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Flower Earrings (Medium)

Made to Order