JULIUS COHEN JEWELER, INC., established in 1956 is among America's most celebrated award-winning jewelery design firms of the 20th century. Our jewelry resides in the private collections of a select group of discerning and culturally sophisticated customers in the United States. The company has been traditionally focused on selling directly to individual customers, serving them privately in their own homes and offices or in our Madison Avenue studio in New York. The company is totally dedicated to the designing, manufacturing and selling of its own jewelry, creating a very special and close relationship with each customer, on a personal basis. Our jewelry is characterized by excellence in design, individual attention to craftsmanship and the use of most magnificent metals and gemstones. 

About Our Founder

Julius Cohen began his jewelry career in 1929, at age 16, working for the prestigious company of Oscar Heyman & Bros., owned by his uncles. There he learned the rudiments of the trade and the craftsman skills of the European apprenticeship system. He also began travelling extensively in the United States, meeting new customers and understanding the emotional involvement a jeweler can have both with his creations and with the families of customers that acquire those creations. Later, he joined the firm of Harry Winston in New York, another very illustrious jeweler, where he was responsible for developing new markets, particularly in Texas. In 1956, with his extensive training and expertise, he established his own business of designing and manufacturing fine jewelry for a select audience of wealthy customers around the United States. His new firm, bearing his own name, focused from its very beginning on producing well-designed and well-executed jewels with fine metals and precious stones. Julius Cohen also adopted a unique dedicated marketing style of visiting and servicing customers in their own homes or offices. The excellence of his work made him eligible for induction into the pantheon of jewelry designers, winning the coveted Diamonds-International Jewelry Design Award for several years consecutively. Julius Cohen passed away in 1995, but his work and spirit of constant creativity have survived through his daughter and son-in-law, Marjory and Leslie Steinweiss, who took over and continue the business of Julius Cohen Jeweler, Inc.

About Leslie Steinweiss

One might say that Leslie was Julius' best kept secret. He joined the company in 1975 and soon became its creative driving force. In fact, for over 28 years, he has been directing the development of new designs, including many which have become classic signature pieces of the company. Leslie's talents are myriad. He's an accomplished pianist, composer and lyricist. At Julius Cohen Jeweler, Inc Leslie has been continuing the standards of excellence that were originally set by Julius all while introducing new and exciting creations that respond to our customers dreams and imagination.